Avoid These Top 10 Real Estate Investing Rookie Mistakes!

In Just 15 Minutes, I’ll Show You Exactly What Common Missteps and Pitfalls to Avoid Before You Close Your First (or Next) Deal!

They say that real estate makes more millionaires than any other industry. But at the same time, going into real estate investing blindly can cause you to lose a lot of money if you’re not careful. 

Fortunately, in just 15 minutes

I can show you exactly what mistakes to avoid in order to close deals with confidence. Just minutes from now, you’ll learn:

  • What to ask for when choosing a contractor (neglecting to get this will cost you more money than necessary, but many people don’t even think to ask for it!)
  • Why you shouldn’t pay the contractor in full unless THIS is done first. A good contractor is worth their weight in gold, but a shady one will take the money and run unless you do this first.
  • Whether or not you should really do the work yourself. It’s easy to watch those home remodeling shows and think you can do it all and save money, but there’s only ONE exception to the rule, and you’ll learn if it covers you by watching the video.
  • Why skipping a home inspection could be the BIGGEST mistake you made. It’s not just about knowing what needs to be repaired in the home… not getting an inspection could mean you’re paying more than you need to for property that needs a LOT of work!
  • The proven, easy-to-remember formula that I personally use when evaluating a property before I make an offer. PLUS small expenses that can add up to become BIG headaches if you’re not careful!
I’ve packed this 15-minute video with tons of real-life, actionable information so that you’ll not only know what to avoid, but you’ll also be able to make an offer with confidence and clarity. 

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