Learn How to Invest in Real Estate (the right way) from Your Own Home and Create Streams of Income for Years to Come!

The Real Estate Reset is the ONLY Home Study Course of Its Kind Specifically Made For Diverse Investors!

,My name is Attiyah Blair. I’m a real estate  millionaire, real estate investor, licensed Realtor®, mentor  and speaker. I’ve been investing in real estate since 2007 and now I’m helping others learn how to build wealth for themselves and their families.

90% of millionaires were created with real estate. That means it is the best way to hit the reset button on your finances. You really can leverage real estate to build the life of your dreams.

Most of the self taught real estate investing courses out there were designed by old guys who probably haven’t bought a property in the last 30 years — but are EXCEPTIONALLY good marketers. They fill your head with dollar sign dreams but don’t deliver the up-to-date tools and strategies to help you invest in real estate easier, faster with less money, time and stress. 

When I started investing in real estate I didn’t see any diverse individuals who looked like me doing it. It made me feel like real estate investing wasn’t for me. BUT I’M GLAD I DISCOVERED THE TRUTH. The truth is real estate investing is for me and it is for you too! I have worked hard to become the mentor to diverse investors that I wished I had when I started over a decade ago. Now, I am helping my students close deal after deal. And unlike many real estate gurus, I’m still a very active real estate investor so I stay on top of changes in the market, trends and strategies that will help myself and my students have continued success.

The problem with a lot of other courses is that not only do they teach you outdated methods and strategies, but they also require you to have bottomless pockets or their methods force you to have perfect  credit. They just don’t get it! 

Now, I won’t lie to you and tell you that real estate investing is going to make you rich overnight — it isn’t. It is most definitely a “get rich slowly over time” approach. But it IS the best way to get rich and build generational wealthif you know what to do.

That’s Why I Created
The Real Estate Reset Home Study

Unlike self-taught courses costing you thousands of dollars that run the whole gamut of investing, with my course, you’ll work on the basics – so you can start with a firm foundation. Because when you get the basics nailed down, everything else automatically becomes much easier and all the other pieces fall into place.

The best part is, you can start learning just minutes from now. You’ll find that this course covers all the things that are really important to anyone getting started in real estate. I know it can be intimidating and I’ve got you covered. You will learn:

  • How and where to find lucrative off-market properties
  • How to analyze deals and run the numbers
  • How to get funding and use other people’s money to invest
  • How to find the right contractors and manage them without getting taken advantage of
  • How to find and manage tenants easily
  • How to avoid expensive construction mistakes
  • How to get all of your money back at the end of the deal
  • How to use real estate investing to build generational wealth
  • And much, much more:

You Know the Best Part? This Self-Study Course Won’t Set You Back Thousands of Dollars!

I want you to have the education and tools you need to get started with confidence and clarity.  That’s exactly why I wanted to make this home study course as value-packed as possible… and affordable too!. 

The entire course is priced to sell at just $997. 

The truth is, I wanted to give anyone who truly has the drive and determination to succeed, the opportunity to do so without cost being the one thing standing in their way. 

That means you get all of the value of having someone who has been there and done that, “in the trenches” of real estate investing and has built a multi-million-dollar real estate portfolio starting from nothing, but at a price that’s affordable…. even on a tight budget. 

But I can assure you that the price won’t always be this low. In fact, many of my live workshop attendees have told me that for all the information and tips I’ve packed into it, I need to be charging at least three times as much. 

I mean, they’ve got a point. But I’m also firmly committed to helping as many new real estate investors out there who are starting out just like I did so many years ago. 

So if you’re looking to take the next step, but you want to learn at your own pace and get a solid handle on the basics with a clear roadmap of what to do next, this is the course for you.

What’s Included

Millionaire Mindset

Funding your deals

Getting out of the deal with ZERO out of pocket

Use leverage to do it over again

Finding and Analyzing Deals

Construction Managements

Finding Qualified Tenants & Avoiding Common Landlord Mistakes

Your purchase is backed by a 30 Day
No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee with less than 10% of course watched.